Current Projects

Larger Projects

Appeal for Identification
An opera / music-theater piece for voices and orchestra
Currently at work on the first tableaux 'Nacket bin ich' and developing the rest of the work.
Approximately 30 minutes composed

Cancionero Anonimo
music / theater / dance
A collection of bits and pieces of a life. Performers may excerpt, organize or re-organize to
form a coherent whole. Currently finding, developing, and engraving. Scored for all manner
of ensembles, some indeterminate.

an ongoing collection of arrangements of and fantasies on the work of other composers
Several exist. Need to be revised, engraved, corrected.

Smaller Projects

The Land
voices, strings, and sustaining keyboard
A study for Appeal for Identification
7-10 minutes projected

Alister McAlpine's Lament
String Quartet
A fantasy on the Scottish folksong
6 minutes porjected

Liturgical Music

Gradualia, volume 1
liturgical music
Seven settings of communion antiphons. In English. Each exists as a solo with organ as well as
in various more elaborate ensembles. Some complete, others still need to revised, engraved,
corrected, and orchestrated.

Gradualia, volume 2
liturgical music
Six additional settings of communion antiphons. In English. Most written. Need to be revised,
engraved, corrected and orchestrated.

El Antifonero de Entrada
liturgical music
Spanish entrance antiphons for the complete church year. Scored for voice and keyboard and
in a popular style. Nearly complete. In various states of engraving.